Gone For Good | Our Mission

Watch the full story of our mission in the video above!

Our Mission

Gone For Good is more than just Alabama’s best choice for document solutions and e-waste recycling. Gone For Good, a division of United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham, has an important mission that directly impacts our community.

Our mission is to create meaningful employment for adults with mental and physical disabilities.  For over nine years, Gone For Good has provided these individuals the opportunity to feel a sense of independence and earn a paycheck.

Gone For Good is also an Ability One Provider through Source America, a national organization that sources federal contracts with the goal of providing opportunities for employment for adults with disabilities.

We are proud to fill a vital role in the lives of hundreds of individuals with disabilities while making our entire community a better place to live. 

For more information on our mission and our programs, call Gone For Good at 205-943-5252 or contact us online today.

“I am so grateful we have been able to partner with Gone For Good. We have helped some people find meaningful work and made a good financial decision at the same time.”
–Sister Dinah White, DoC, Senior VPMission Integration, St. Vincent’s Health System