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Gone for Good is proud to offer a number of ways to serve your needs. Click on the buttons below to see how your business can benefit from one of our services.

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We would love the opportunity to partner with you. Submit this form to receive a free no-obligation quote for one of our services.

Regularly Scheduled Service

Our fleet of specially equipped trucks serves businesses of all types and sizes in the Birmingham metro area and throughout Alabama. Gone For Good trucks regularly make service visits in Anniston,  Montgomery, Gadsden, Oneonta, Cullman, Huntsville, Florence, and Tuscaloosa.

A representative will help your company design a confidential and secure information destruction program by determining the right container size and the right frequency for service. Regularly scheduled service can be set up daily, weekly, or up to every 12 weeks depending on your company’s specific needs.

Off-site Shredding Service

A Gone For Good uniformed team will come to your location at regular intervals to service your containers. The paper material is placed in locked containers and loaded on to GPS monitored and alarmed trucks using a two-man closed-chain of custody. The paper material is transported to Gone for Good’s certified secure plant to be shredded. All shredded paper documents are then baled for recycling. A certificate of destruction is issued to your company during the invoicing process.

On-Site Mobile Shredding Service

With Gone For Good’s Secure On-site Mobile Shredding Truck your sensitive documents can be shredded securely on company premises.   A uniformed Gone for Good representative will collect the paper material and place it in a locked container. This locked container is transported to the mobile shred truck and shredded on-site. A certificate of destruction is issued to your company during the invoicing process. Onsite-mobile shredding can be scheduled for the same frequencies as off-site shredding service and  your company will enjoy the same customer service that Gone For Good is known for.

Purge Service (One-Time)

Whether you have 3 or 3,000 boxes Gone For Good can quickly remove the paper material and give you peace of mind during an office clean-up or relocation. We can bring you lockable containers and let you sort out the material for shredding or we can send representatives to palletize the boxes and remove them for shredding. Either way, Gone For Good is flexible to meet your specific needs.

Small Business and Community Shred Day

For more information and directions CLICK HERE
Small business, at-home business, and the public all have needs to protect information by shredding files and sensitive documents which may contain protected information. To meet the needs of the Birmingham Metro Area, Gone For Good offers a Shred Day on the 3rd Friday of Every Month from 8:00am-2:00pm. There is a nominal fee charged for each box/bag. For more information about Gone For Good’s monthly shred day, please call (205)943-5252 or click on the button above to print a flyer with information and directions.

Recycling Service

Did you know that as much as 90 percent of the waste in an average office can be recycled? Think of all the things you throw away every single workday: Newspapers, Magazines, Small Cardboard, Water bottles, Soda Cans. The list goes on and on.

For recurring shredding customers, Gone For Good offers a “valet” service for SINGLE-STREAM recycling which allows all recyclables to be easily picked up by our service teams along with your paper to be shredded.

Single-stream recycling is a technology that allows all recyclables to be placed into one single container for collection and processing with no need to sort the material. With the help of Gone For Good you can collect these recyclable materials instead of throwing them away. Your company will not only reduce its carbon footprint but save money in trash pickup services.

Document Scanning Service

The longer you are in business the more paper you have: customer invoices, records, charts, contracts and more. Each of these files has hidden costs of storage and inefficiency of retrieving archived information. Scan Do is a solution. We can assist you in prepping files, scanning files, and create customized solutions for your document imaging needs.

Compliance Education Services

Is your business compliant with the various privacy laws? Many laws require that your company develop an effective document protection and destruction program and train your employees on this program annually. Let our Certified Document Destruction Specialist assist you with a review of your document destruction policies and provide you with a train-the-trainer employee education program.

Contact Us: To speak to a representative about your secure document destruction needs, to set up regularly scheduled service or  to schedule a one-time purge service please call 205-943-5252 or email us through our contact page through email. A representative will get back with you within 24 hours and provide an assessment for your company.

“The Gone For Good team is hard working and courteous to everyone. The things that are most impressive are that they truly seem to enjoy their job and always have a smile on their face. We have experienced the same great work performance at each of our seven locations.”
–Karen Tubbs, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Orthopaedic Specialists of Alabama