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Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Paper. The longer you’re in business, the more paper you have. Invoices. Records. Charts, files, and contracts. Each paper file has hidden costs in terms of storage, additional floor space, and the sheer inefficiency of retrieving archived information.

Tired of managing all that paper? Gone For Good is your solution. We take your paper files and digitize them thoroughly and affordably. It creates a customized indexing system that allows instant retrieval of records, no matter how old they might be. Even better, it offers simple access to those records either through a hard drive or our secure online system.

No more file boxes. No more storage lockers. No more delays in getting the information you need.

With our digital scanners, we convert your documents accurately and efficiently. Once your files are scanned, you can enjoy the option of accessing your files from a hard drive or from a secure internet site. It’s safe, secure, and a quantum leap in how you archive and retrieve information.

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